Memes Matter, #4


Let’s face it: Sometimes the unthinkable happens to you or someone you love. You feel the pain and despair. It’s devastating.

Almost never does it help to hear the words: “Get over it.”

I try to remember to breathe. Take long, deep, healing breaths. That’s one way to begin finding one’s way through it all. Better yet, be on the lookout for someone who can listen because, sooner or later, we all discover we “cannot go it alone.”

I’m launching a series of memes as conversation starters on social media (namely, Facebook and Twitter) with messages that are relevant to the subject matter of my memoir this month, which marks the one-year anniversary of my book’s release. Here’s another meme (image credit: What do you think?



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1 Response to Memes Matter, #4

  1. Michelle says:

    Yes, very true. Deep breaths help a lot. I try to remember that “this too shall pass.” Sometimes you just have to take things one minute at a time even.


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