I Love Book Groups!

Hannah Kerwin photo taken 5.10.18

When book groups ask for the inside scoop, I’m happy to talk about my book title, cover design, and more about my memoir writing journey. Photo by Hannah Kerwin, May 2018.


Walking into a room full of people who have already read my book and want to talk about their reading experience is pure bliss!

Here are some proposed discussion questions to start a lively conversation:

  • What are three adjectives to describe your experience reading The Straight  Spouse: A Memoir?
  • Was there anything you found surprising about this love story?
  • Did this book help you develop empathy for the person who is married to someone who struggles with sexual identity and turns out to be gay?
  • Was there a specific scene or passage from the book that has left a lasting impression on you?
  • What are some of the “loose ends” or unanswered questions you have about this story?
  • Did reading this book make you think any differently about the subject matter?
  • Would you recommend this book to other readers?

Yes, many people still love to read books, including memoirs. I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to make author visits to book groups. I listen carefully to what readers have to say. Everyone has something important to share. Book readers are the best kind of people to hang out with these days.

Blessed are they who participate in book discussion groups!


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