“Behold, My Book Is Born!”

Book Arrival at Vivian's Doorstep

I wrote the following poem to celebrate my new arrival:

Special Delivery

A brown truck moves up the lane
and stops in front of my house;
then the driver loads eight large boxes on a dolly
that rolls down the driveway to my front door.

I inspect the boxes: No damage in transit and dry.
So far, so good!
My husband’s pocketknife slices through the exterior packaging
to reveal more packaging inside.
Pawing through the white filler paper, I peek in to see my own book,
straight from the printer’s.
I pick it up, gaze at the front cover, then turn to the back cover.
I flip through the pages, hoping for no missing pages
like checking for ten fingers and ten toes on a newborn.
I turn to page 237 and breathe a sigh of relief:
The correction for “jam-packed” was made.

I ponder the journey:
the decision to conceive
the care and feeding in chasing my dream
gestation way more than nine months
with plenty of intense labor pains.

I pose for a picture
caught up in the euphoria
of now being a published author
and say, “Behold, my book is born!”

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5 Responses to “Behold, My Book Is Born!”

  1. Susan says:

    One terrific writer!

    I read this book (or should I say devoured this book) in less than a week.
    I truly had trouble putting it down. I was so engrossed in the story.

    It’s a wonderful, beautifully written first book!


  2. Michelle Fransen-Conroy says:

    Susan, I feel the same way. Vivian is a great writer indeed! I also had trouble putting the book down when I got it. I looked forward to getting out of work so I could go home and read it some more. Parts of it made me very sad for her. I’m so very thankful that she made it through (more than anybody can really understand!) and hopefully this book can help others who find themselves in a similar situation. Congratulations on the completion of your memoir that you’ve worked so hard on, Vivian!


    • Nancy says:

      So true in having it difficult for me to put the book down. It draws the reader right into each page. I read it in the quietness of my living room and while I was sunbathing by the pool before completion within two days. I was overwhelmed. An eye opener in helping one to understand the life of a straight spouse. Well written. I encourage others to pick up the book and read this love story.


  3. Maryjane Finne says:

    Reading Vivian’s book was an intensely engaging experience. I, too, could not put it down. I also am enjoying the poem above. I love the extended image of childbirth, the ten fingers and toes–correction made, the decision to conceive. These are power-packed motivators to me to move ahead. Thanks for expressing them.


  4. So glad for your comment including your feedback on my poem. Much appreciated!


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